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Our Method

Unlocking Potential through Interview Prep

Why Mock Interviews

Candidates use The Dev Difference to prep for interviews by completing targeted mock interviews for behavioral and technical questions. Mock interviews are a proven tool to improve candidate confidence and readiness. They help candidates:​

Practice Communication

Get Feedback for Improvement

Grow confidence

Decrease nervousness

Our Target Markets 


Individual Users

Individuals interviewers for roles in software developers, product management, tech program management, data scientists, and other tech-adjacent roles.

Universities, Nonprofits & For-Profit Educational Partners

Institutions, universities and organizations that service large groups of students, alumni, or other tech-focused collectives.

Business & Enterprise Partners

Companies, big or small, that want to adequately prepare their candidates for stronger interview experiences and create a more equitable interview process. Increased interview preparation = reduced time and costs spent in hiring processes.

More Resources

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